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> Catherine Plassart

The magic realism of Michel Kirch


« I have always believed in the possibility of an underlying mystery that would make derisory, or at least relative, the weight of everyday life. An escape at the beginning, this process turned into a quest. It was no longer a question of moving away, but rather being closer to myself. 

This quest is my breathing.»  Michel Kirch.

The hardly recognizable reality in Michel Kirch’s work is due to some elements of landscapes saturated by deep black and dazzling, dematerialized whites. 

Mute geometries organize places that have become strange. In these geographies of oblivion, we perceive as in the ebb of the tiny waves, the fury and violence of the world. The tiny and lonely man is looking for calm and peace while watching for a sign from a possible elsewhere that would legitimize his need to save himself. The moment belongs deliberately to a long term. In the « awakeners” of Michel Kirch, waiting and hope share fictions with magical realism..»


Catherine Plassart

Journalist, art critic

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