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Boundaries are the condition of existence of all organisms, of all entities. They define a being, a situation, an identity. They are essential to life, provided they are permeable, and thus allow exchanges.

Confinement is a fixed limit. For ordinary people, this is not natural, even stuffy. Only certain individuals practice it voluntarily, let us quote the hermits, a certain number of artists, or beings in the terror of the outside world. For the most part, the confinement imposed by the Covid 19 pandemic was an unprecedented experience, for some exhilarating, for others traumatic ... 

A discovery or discomfort, a revelation or a trauma, an unpredictable horizon or a condemnation. Despite the ultra connection to the outside world.

In the physical world, confinement has its utility : thus of the electric bulb delimiting an empty volume, only traversed by 2 electrodes and a resistance… Without the resistance, the 2 electrodes would make a short circuit by direct contact.

The resistance allows the light to burst out.

In the humanities, this process is called "resilience".

There will have been many ways to practice this resilience : let us quote the play, the distraction, the television series, the introspection, the physical exercise, to look again your spouse, your children, to decide of a divorce, of a change of profession, get back to reading, make projects that we would have found unimaginable otherwise ...

The resilience that I explore is the dream. But a dream which is not an escape, a dream which is rather a new possibility, a credible madness, an accessible gluttony. It is the power of mind, of thought, to embody worlds in another dimension.

My dreamers look inward to get out of themselves. 

The protocol I set for myself is the horizon of a calm sea.

Nothing happens, yet everything happens.

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