New York Energy

In New York, one dares. Anything seems possible once the framework has been defined, the rules set... Spilling out of the framework freely, while indefatigably proclaiming new limits...

Thus the World Trade Center, vast interchange and heart of the global economy. Thus a unique artistic influence and the first 

pla- net-wide melting pot, with innovation for a manifesto.

Sparking ceaseless interaction and unlikely synergies–allied to a powerful imagination–to confer a particular pulse to this city... Everything is in motion here, drawing you into an energy dance that will NY I make you or break you, depending on your nature... Infinity was the norm until 9/11, when, mirroring the collapse of the Twin Towers, the illusion of permanence and infallibility of the modern-day Babel came crashing down.

New York has since recovered its vibe... Despite the shadow cast and the symbols dashed to the ground...despite a devastating economic crisis in 2008... Continuity prevails, along with a new fragility to punctuate its cocky virility.

A feminine quality has at last invested the city, offering up, beyond the face of finite and temporary, the humble condition of humanity.

With «NY Energy», my ambition is to make the city’s particular vibration visible, while at the same time framing the now imaginable possibility of its disappearance.