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> Christian Noorbergen 

"If the works are islands of light, they are isolated, fragile, and in the shade. Artists first, and galleries suffer. A lot. Modernity does not make art its first cup of tea consuming! And if a few hundred artists (let's admit…) do most of what is called “financial art”, the others, the resistant and the recalcitrant, do a vital, enlightening and precious job. Roland CAT, at random. Or Michel KIRCH. Without these relentless people, the intimate and deep life, which is not worth a nail for the great “surfaciants” of the time, has difficulty in being. With them, it breathes, and the water tables of the singular mind can emerge, and give meaning ... "


Christian Noorbergen 

Writer, art critic, exhibition curator.

"THE MIRROR OF ART", June 2014

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