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eden stories

Beyond survival, happiness is the key driver of humanity.

Its engine, its ideal, but also his misfortune ... because if happiness does not happen according to our desires, it becomes our failure, our misfortune ...

Eden, the garden of Origin, focuses on its particular space, almost all the desires of the Human. Everything is within reach

hand, food and beauty, innocence and love, peace and sensuality. But there is a condition, which makes the price: do not touch the Tree of Knowledge, also called Tree of Good and Evil. The apple is the forbidden fruit. 

Yielding to the temptation Edenic pair then knows the fall, and history has just begun.

Since nostalgia took hold of the man and it never ceases to regain that bygone era.

And the union of two beings, their primordial reconciliation, is one of the most powerful vectors of this reconquest.

In "Eden Stories" I stage mainly couples in this confrontation more or less silent, dramatic or poetic, sublime or ridiculous.


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