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The sphere is the geometrical figure which constitutes the physical and aesthetic bond of this work. But also the symbolic link: representing our planet, but also the cycle of life, in its finitude and its infinitude.The intervention of man is harmonious or accidental, creative or destructive. The man paces his land in an illusion of infinity, while he turns in circles without knowing it.

Borders are at the heart of the process : preserving them or transgressing them according to circumstances.

Climate warming, wars, impoverishment, overpopulation, globalization and its perverse effects, access to drinking water, fascination for consumption, everything is in place for a time of instability where migration will take place at an exponential rate. Exiles from the peasants to the cities, from the poor countries to the haves, from desertified lands to those still preserved ... And not the least, the internal exile due to the drying up of centuries-old customs and traditions, and, for the richest , the brutal confrontation with peoples and realities that one would have wished to conceal.

Disasters will call to order and there will be no choice but to adapt.

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