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The beach is a contemporary place. It differs from the port, the shore of a wild coast or estuary, by its ludic, human and sensual sides. The beach has grown along with urbanization, which it seems vital outlet. More the city becomes oppressive, stressed, laborious, swarming and concrete, and more the beach looks like an obliged shadow, a double saving. The one and the other are two sides of a world that becomes focused, uniformed, interconnected while emptying its traditional values.

The beach is the dream which support the urban pressure. By its nudity, by forgetting schedules, with a newfound sense of freedom, with its horizontal lines and its imposing nature, the beach contradicts the city while perpetuating.

In this project I settled in the dreams of my characters. With them I watched the wide, invented games, and especially let thoughts wander. Because rid of clothes, tensions, obligations, schedules, identities, we allow free rein to the images, desires and to the unexpected surprise ...

The beach is therefore a pretext, a way of approaching the self shores.

For this, the real has here just the importance of going beyond.


Michel Kirch


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