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> Jacques Desage

Dreamlike visions

Michel Kirch dreams of new and unsuspected worlds, of fallow landscapes, inviolate spaces.

A universe like no other ...

And why should photography necessarily sacrifice to hegemonic dogma realism? What would be the reason if not a lack of imagination and risk taking? Michel Kirch uses his camera as a writer, his pen, to explore what can still be: our inner worlds ... His images are so many poetic visions to awaken the imagination. All from the visible reality. 

With the series “Baltic Memories” he takes us into snowy landscapes, immensities immaculate in the heart of which life appears filigree, like a light feather carried by the wind. Perilous exercise that exposes one’s own worlds imaginary for a photographer.

Few artists working in this field unfortunately spend the filter of selection as the highlighting of their intimate aesthetics sometimes lack stomach.

This is not the case of Michel Kirch’s enchanting landscapes.



Jacques Desage

Miroir de l’Art

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