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> Julie Chaizemartin

"On the occasion of the 116th edition of the Salon of Autumn which opens its doors to Champs-Elysées from October 10 to 13, we let's talk a little more about photography with photographer Michel Kirch, guest honor of the Salon this year. Broken to exhibitions and meetings photographic, he put his gaze omniscient and poetic about the world. His compositions, always in black and white, are concerned with aesthetics and strong in symbolism. Michel Kirch seems to want frame the unframed, the flight of time, the beauty of the world, our dreams and our fantasies, which escapes us. The light, like a treasure to be grasped, creeps in in his images composed of spheres,

pyramids, towers of Babel, lines, between memory of origins and inventions geometric ... follies and landscapes contemporaries, beyond the mirror of reality, which ultimately send us back

always to our inner self. Of very photographic paintings philosophical in short, which incite us

to find, or rather to seek again and another way ... Michel Kirch says moreover: "Most of the limits are necessary for life, crossing them is necessary for the dream "."



Julie Chaizemartin

Journaliste culture

art press, Quotidien de l'Art…

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