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> Karine Claeren

Creating the moment


Traces out of frame, images that are not, rather sensations, crossed and passing souls always on shore and boarding, never pirates of our emotions. These are the photographs and the universe of Michel Kirch. 

The universe, the infinite and our worlds. We are rid of the weight of heavens, in the

verticality of our beings, the simple presence that springs forth, arises, is no longer for us limits, terms, or barriers, neither walls that separate us from the infinite and definite universe of our gaze, of what is divined or offered to see. From these innumerable, gigantic worlds, most of which are certainly inhabited, dreamed, in resonance, persist the light and darkness that we perceive in these shades made of our own duality.

From now on, in front of these compositions more real than natures, the one who looks, becomes aware, embraces, open its wings, split the heavens and rise from one place to another.

Then, it becomes possible to penetrate the fields of history, mythical, ethereal, powerful history, even hypnotizing, leaving behind what others hardly see.

In the infinite space, in these innumerable, gigantic worlds, there exists only the light and the shadow of which we are made, becoming compatible with our own contradictions.

In front of this immensity, it is really too absurd to believe that there are limits, but why not others faculties of thinking, other senses than those we know.

The human presence erected as a statue or landmark in these compositions, arises as a symbolization of potential infinity. It is this passage that interests and revives. The window to life is open to these works that rise beyond the frame and where nothing can close, until all these walls around fall and nothing lies except boundless freedom. Then the human can undertake the path of his existence and of its presence, the reason of all the interferences and evidences lived, traversed since this descent into the world, this immersion again in front of our environment’s immensity. With enlightened awareness, Michel Kirch’s work is neither consensual nor 

demonstrative, since He IS, simply. With alabaster lights that subjugate and envelop moments of eternity, descent and rise of man in his extended multiplicity, this presence everywhere remains in the memory of humanity as a life experience and becomes an example for us to remember forever the power, the potentiality that is ours since the beginning of the creation.

Enlightened, we see all the possibilities we have to put them into action in our live’s every

day. To be enlightened is to have transcended its limits and met the path that corresponds to our evolution. It’s here that the encounter takes place between the one who looks and takes shape, projects in the image, because our true vocation is may be to exist, to find meaning, to love, admire or take care of life in all its forms... In a suspended time, bridge of the real and the unspeakable, this face to face is asking : what orientation is the reason for being, am I waiting for time to come up with a better alternative, who am I?

As lovers who rub shoulders, there is union of several worlds where everything becomes life, reminding us that this one remains an adventure which, when it is punctuated with small or big challenges to overcome, stimulates creativity, stimulates imagination, even triggering enthusiasm, is the Divine in us.

In everything we believe, see, meet, always life.


Karine Claeren


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