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> Marc Rohner

White memories from Michel KIRCH


Shadows and shades are the colors of his stateless dreams. When blacks

win, revenge does not escape the whites. And the new image memory, born of an immaculate melancholy, imposes itself. Master of the poetic chessboard, Michel KIRCH submits the luminous resonance to his will and the effect is immediate. Our acuity captures a nostalgic freshness and sweet, the perception of the real stretches to the point of “continuation”. It is now that the image is written and patina an immediate memory.

From the immobile landscape, Michel KIRCH shapes a tumult muted, preparing

and chiselling the prints of the real. Pragmatic, he knows that meaning evaporates at contact of truth, to give place to the testimony.

His domain is larger and subject to the inaccurate.

Emerging from the dead angle of our narrative perception, his fictional impressions

and memorials pose us in the mists of motionless journeys.


Marc Rohner  for ARTPREMS

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