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> Martine Boulart

Very happy to present the originality of the work, the visual poetries of Michel Kirch. A plastic photographer, he takes us with his photographic works into dreamlike universes, opening up to the great myths of the universe. I appreciate the trust he places in his unconscious to let the essential emerge, and from analog to digital, when the image is complete, it resonates within him like a musical phrase... Edgar Morin calls him the awakener... To me, he is a hedonistic seeker, somewhat like Goethe was...

A mountaineer, musician, doctor—three M’s for this unclassifiable artist, passionate about freedom, who works with dark and deep colors, black and its contrasts, white light.

His relationship with nature is symbiotic. The Anthropocene is an important part of his work. He studied ecology long before the public knew this term, with Jean-Marie Pelt.

For him, myths are not contemporary but timeless. The foundations were laid since prehistory and constitute us universally. “Contemporary art aimed to be a break, with emotion giving way to the cerebral, and many do not find themselves in it,” he tells us.




President of the Ermitage Cultural Fund

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