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> Pascal Therme

« Follows Michel Kirch’s series Inner Light, powerfully poetic and visual, impregnated by a mastery of the medium to ensure a propagation to the images, autonomous, very interior, falling more willingly of the contemporary art. Michel Kirch has « a strength of soul « driven by a creative, visionary, contemplative force that radiates these interior landscapes linked to the light, like the miniatures of the painters, resulting from a cabinet of reflection. The young figure who sways to the moon on a wise sea seems to be from a tale of Ozu and imprinted from the cinema… the composition «des astres »  is a philosophical incitement on our determinisms, where a strange dream of humanism is there registered. « Life is a game » shows a naked man running behind a round stone, in a circle, delimiting the sky, merging inner perspectives between the sky and the terrestrial aggregate, melting like a lunar wave, proposing an interpretation of the myths of Sisyphus..»     

Pascal Therme

Journalist, art critic

for 9lives magazine

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