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> Pierre Poulain

" Everyone who has written about your work has said it clearly: it is an interior, alchemical and symbolic journey.

But the nature of a symbol is that it has several levels of reading - traditionally 7 - and that to grasp it in its entirety and in its immensity, one must oneself participate in the same inner journey. In other words, you have to become the symbol to be able to apprehend it, otherwise it opens a door to something that is "beyond" .... and that's probably what challenges you in your works.

Those who contemplate them look at themselves as in the reflection of a mirror, but a mirror which shows them not what they are, but what they could be, or, more precisely: what they already are, but potentially…

In short, all these words to say that there are no words to define your symbolic work, because words limit whereas the symbol transcends the limits of logic and reason.

I find Beauty in your images, because they are true. They make visible the invisible, they open a passage between our temporal illusion and the real, timeless infinity. They make forgotten echoes resonate in us, and awaken archetypal feelings. They remind us of the meaning and responsibility of being a "human being".

There is more... but that's beyond words."



Pierre Poulain

philosopher, photographer

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