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> Sabrina Aureli

"In an extraordinary and magical moment, our life is faced with unexpected and sometimes surprising events. A dream that becomes reality, the awakening of a dormant desire, an impossible encounter... and all these strange coincidences may make an improbable story, the one that will be the most plausible…. Artist Michel Kirch brilliantly captures images that, however improbable, will probably end up happening. The scenario can be an appearance, a misunderstanding, a disaster or a moment of lightness, happiness, baroque humor... Numerous and infinite, ironic and paradoxical are the possibilities of chance, they can appear as caricatures of reality, and suddenly spring up in synchronicity, as if reality were the holographic projection of our emotions... This means that anything can happen!

Coincidences are like signposts that put us back on the right track to continue on the path of awareness and our personal evolution. Intelligence will never help us understand who we are and what we should do in this world. We would get lost in the depths of the labyrinths of questions/answers and opinions… Physicist Erwin Schrödinger states that before an event occurs in visible reality, all possibilities co-exist in overlapping quantum states… Chances are that the images of these “unlikely stories” act as same way."



Sabrina Aureli

art director, digital artist

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