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> Thierry Maindrault

The works of Michel Kirch are always appealing in form at first glance.

His works are essential for a future dialogue through all the questions they raise.
As he defines himself, Michel Kirch is above all a visual artist, both for all that this word contains and for each of his works. It is clear that photography, even if it is his favorite technique for shaping his creations, remains only a tool, the one he masters best. Each of the works he offers to our reflection corresponds to a gentle mixture of various surrealist approaches which are mixed, as it should be, with false naivety. It is also obvious that in each image the environmental synthesis ensures the atmosphere and plays a key role in terms of the reader's hook, at first. Then, during the immersion that invades the essential space of discovery.
The author, installed in his own studio, masters the design and manufacture of his works from the beginning to the end of the last operation. He ensures in complete autonomy the printing until the
final printing of his works. The final work refers to some great artists like Hieronymus Bosch and
Salvador Dali to name only the most didactic of this type of expression.


Thierry Maindrault

art curator

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