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> Thierry Maindrault

Michel Kirch exhibits in the Lubéron.

The creator, with an abundance of flattering prizes and various awards, has brought together some of his photographs of research on thought both in its structural aspect and in its random path. His personal photographic constructions are a sophisticated aesthetic complexity that the author channels with a perfect simplicity in the realization. Michel Kirch has a lot to tell us and works a lot to ensure not only that we are listening; but also understand.

How complicated it is to keep it simple with so much to share!

His choice of aesthetics perfectly dresses, with a lot of subtlety, the rigor of the subject. His shades of gray soften the permanent concerns underlying each of his images. Michel Kirch’s photographs tell nothing, they do not relax. His works lead us, often in spite of ourselves, on an essential forward-looking personal journey without ever imposing anything on us.

A real creative work, both upstream and downstream of the works.


Thierry Maindrault

art curator

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