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virtual exhibition AUTOMATUS

may 2020

Exhibition in 3D around the theme of the containment, as potential engine of the artistic research. 9 Works presented by Michel Kirch

Saphir Gallery

octobre/december 2019

"MONDES INTÉRIEURS" personal exhibition of Michel Kirch at Saphir Gallery, Paris

Le Salon d’Automne 2019

october 2019

Michel Kirch guest of honor at the Salon d’Automne 2019

Champs-Élysées, PARIS

"Regards Croisés" France / Austria : Michel Kirch exhibits at Vienna (Austria)

february 2019

opening: 23.2.2019 , 5 pm, Schloss Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel, Gallery 1 + 2

Last year La Fontaine Obscure (Aix- en-Provence) organized this exhibition together with FLUSS. The exhibition - showing the art work of 5 French and 5 Austrian artists - was shown 2018 in Aix-en-Provence (Galerie Zola) and will now be seen at the gallery rooms at Schloss Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel:


24.2. - 24.3.2019, Schloss Wolkersdorf, gallery rooms 1 + 2

Michel Kirch SOLO SHOW at ST-ART 2018 with "le Collectionneur Moderne"

november 2018

« LE COLLECTIONNEUR MODERNE » is very proud to present this solo show of Michel Kirch for ST-ART Fair 2018!

"Regards Croisés" France / Austria : Michel Kirch exhibits at Aix en Provence

october 2018

The exhibition "Regards Croisés" France / Austria will take place initially in Aix en Provence (04/10/18) until the end of the year, before being exported to Vienna (Austria) in February / March 2019. This exhibition, in the framework of Phot'Aix, is organized by " La Fontaine Obscure ", and proposes a confrontation between 5 French photographers and 5 Austrian photographers.

Copie de -Creative Quarterly, The Journal of Art and Design, Exhibition of the 100 Best Annual, NEW YORK CITY

february 2018



Over the years," a photographer for Eurazeo" has thus distinguished the work of photographers who came from different worlds: Jean-François Rauzier Alexandre Parrot, Christophe Dugied, Michel Kirch, Hans Silvester, Muriel Bordier, Marc Krüger. The works of these are for the first time together in this exposure to the MAISON EUROPÉENNE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE

Exhibition of the finalists of "Academie des Beaux-Arts", at French Palace Institute

november 2017

 the Académie des Beaux-Arts/Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière Photography Prize,

" FRAGMENTS " Personal exhibition at Garnier Delaporte Gallery

7 october – 5 november 2017

The "Garnier Delaporte Gallery", partner of the Month of Photography in Nièvre , has the honor to host in its walls Michel KIRCH "Monochrome Photographer of the Year 2016" from 7th october to 5th november 2017.

" Le Je du Jeu ", Personal exhibition at the Museum of Faïence and Beaux-arts of Nevers. Michel Kirch is the "guest of honor" of The Month of Photography in the Nièvre.

7 october – 5 november 2017

« le Je du Jeu » is the title of a work from the serie « les éveillés ». The Museum's permanent galleries present 33 works of Michel KIRCH - whose some monumental - and take place in an unprecedented manner through the Museum.

AGORA Gallery, Chelsea International Fine Art Competition , Manhattan (New York)

 august 2017

"The Origin of Light" solo show at Gallery M, MUSEUM MESSMER, Riegel, Germany.

6 July - 10 September 2017

..."The world-renowned star photographer Michel Kirch is exhibiting for the first time a selection of his award-winning works in Germany in Galerie M ! Opening on 16 july 2017, until 10th of september."

le "Collectionneur Moderne", exhibition "Mémoires Visuelles"

9  December 2016

interactive exhibitions "Mémoires Visuelles"

Galerie Achillea and Galerie "Au Medicis", exhibition " Déplacement "

 6 - 8 December 2016


24 -27 November 2016


Espace Champerret , Paris

Galerie Beaux Arts et Librairie Signatures

14 October - 14 November 2016

Personal exhibition « L’EXODE FANTASTIQUE » by MICHEL KIRCH 

AMTM Art’Expo / Cité Internationale des Arts

october 2016

PHOTOMED 2016 The festival of Mediterranean photography

May 26 - June 19 2016


Michel Kirch winner of the International Competition "Spirit of the Mediterranean", organized by Photomed and LENSCULTURE.

MAIRIE DU 4ème Arr. de PARIS

27 August - 11 september 2015


Personal exhibition of artist  Michel KIRCH

BENAKI MUSEUM, GREECE - Athens Photobook Show

3 June - 26 July 2015

15-17 November  -  Carrousel du Louvre -Paris

"HOMO FUKUSHIMA" (tryptic 200/300cm) , from Michel KIRCH, showed by Sabrina Raffaghello Gallery during FOTOFEVER Art Fair.

5 /29 November 2014

Exhibition and signing of the book "“les éveillés”" by Michel Kirch - from Wednesday 5th to Saturday November 29th , 2014

Sabrina Raffaghello Gallery Opening

Mai-Juin 2014 - Milan

New ideal Photography


21 February2 014– Paris, France

Espace Central Dupon

December  2013 / Janvier 2014  – Metz, France

" LES EVEILLES " de Michel Kirch

MAC 2000

28 November  2013 – 1er Décembre 2013– Paris

Espace Champerret 

FOTOFEVER with Sabrina Raffaghello Gallery

novembre 2013 – Paris

Carrousel du Louvre 

Festival Mosaique

October  2013 - Troyes, France

Pont Sainte Marie

Art O'Clock avec Galerie Baudoin Lebon

september 2013 - Paris, France

CNIT  Paris

September  2013 – Chartres, France

Exposition personnelle "les éveillés" de Michel KIRCH à Chartres

CELCA Parvis des Droits de l'Homme

November  2013 – Metz, France

Acquisition d'une oeuvre monumentale à l'accueil de la CELCA


October 2013 – Metz, France

"CONVERSATIONS" de Michel Kirch


September 2013 – Metz, France

"CLIMATS" de Michel Kirch


June 2013 – Paris, France

"TRANSITIONS" , exposition personnelle

de Michel Kirch à l'UNESCO Paris

February 2013 – New Delhi

"QUINTESSENCE" , Peintures de Dominique Paulin et Photographies de Michel Kirch

Salon d’Automne Israel

November 2012 – Tel Aviv, Israel

Michel Kirch expose au Salon d'Automne à Tel Aviv


September 2012 – Paris, France

Arts plastiques - Exposition

Bastille Design Center 

December 2011 – Paris, France

"SPACIALITES ". Photographies de Michel Kirch, peintures de Dominique Paulin à l’Espace Cardin Evolution

MAC Paris

24/27 November 2011 – Paris, France

Espace Champerret 

November 2011 – Paris, France

"CONVERSATION" , photographies de Michel Kirch dans le cadre du Festival Images et Mots a Saint-Germain-des-Pres


October 2011 – Paris, France

L'Art et le Grand Paris

Galerie d'Art Contemporain "Samedi"

May/June 2011

Montfort l'Amaury, France


May 2011 – Milan, Italie

MIA ART FAIR , avec Esther Woerdehoff Galerie


 2010 – Angkor, Cambodge


avec John McDermott Gallery

PARIS PHOTO avec la Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

Novembre 2010 – Paris, France

Carrousel du Louvre

MAC 2000

November 2010 – Paris, France

Espace Champerret

Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

February  2010 –  Paris, France

"Visions Urbaines" exposition collective

Galerie Fabrik89

February/May 2010 – Marseille, France


Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

December 2009 - Paris, France

Exposition de Noël

PARIS PHOTO avec la Galerie Esther Woerdehoff

19/22 November 2009 – Paris, France

Carrousel du Louvre

MAC 2000

19/22 November 2009 – Paris, France

Espace Champerret 

11 November  2009 – Milan – Italie

l'Art pour la Conscience

Lancement du Projet l'Art pour la Conscience à Milan au théâtre Dal Verme


Avril 2009 – Rome, Italie

Michel Kirch avec la Galerie Sabrina Raffaghello Arte Contemporanea


Avril 2009 – Paris, France

Espace Champerret – Artistes Indépendants

Evento Etico

18 June 2009 – Milan, Italie

Michel Kirch "Il pensiero fotografico della complessità"

The Road to Contemporain Art

Avril 2009 – Rome, Italie

Galerie Vision Quest

January/March 2009 – Gênes, Italie

Michel Kirch "Al di là del muro"

Biennale d'Alessandria

May/August 2008

“beyond the wall “ with Sabrina Raffaghello Gallery

Art Fair Santa Fe (Basse Californie)

June 2007 – Santa Fe, USA

Michel Kirch, "Old Jaffa's Dream"


2006 - Gerona, Espagne

Galerie Clairefontaine

2004 , Luxembourg


Galerie Caravane

2003 – Paris, France

Michel Kirch "Old Jaffa's dream"

Festival Voix Sacrées du Monde

November 2003 Aula Des Cedres– Lausanne, Suisse

Michel Kirch "Old Jaffa's Dream"

The Modern Collectibles Fair

2003 – Londres, Grande Bretagne

Michel Kirch "Old Jaffa's dream" 

Art Miami

2001 – Miami, USA

Art Fair Palm Springs

2000 – Palm Springs, USA

Michel Kirch "Old Jaffa's dream"

Espace Canon

1998 - Paris, France

Michel Kirch "Jeux de sable"


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